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The Healthy Bahamian Way
Business Health Relationship Blue Print

The New Blue Print for the Progressive Bahamian

by: Alexander Kemp( Master KiNitro)


This Book is the New Blue Print for the Progressive Bahamian. It is designed to take replace the plantation mindset and reprogram the Bahamian Mind for life success. We cover an array of topics that stem from raising the health standard. How Bahamians can create generational Wealth. Starting and running Home Based Business, Buying Property and much more. This guide is an essential blue print for those Bahamians who want to transition into a Health , Wealthy and Prosperous Destiny giving them all they need to succeed along the journey. To create stronger families, Happier , Healthier bodies and ultimately transform the Bahamas into the Utopia it should be. We encourage you to take a dive into this 81 page manual which will open your mind to the Possibilities and bring solutions to the common Bahamian dilemma. The Time is now and your Time is here. Step into your Greatest life !Where the Wealth is Common and Health and family is the star principle. As the Radiant Sun Shines on the Bahamas let it Invigorate the people to the life they were meant to live. God Bless the Common Wealth of the Bahamas.

"Unlock Your Progressive Bahamian Mind to Gain Wealth - Health & Family"

The Contents of the Healthy Bahamian Way


What You Will Discover





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How You Can Achieve Generational Wealth Through Home Based Family Business

Become Aware of the Down Fall Many Bahamians face and the Strategies to overcome them and gain Greater Health

Understand The Dilemma of how choosing the right relationships will give you live success and How to spot Reciprocal Relationships vs Conflicting Relationships

About The Author


Master KiNitro

Master KiNitro is a Cultural Development Specialist Helping Families in the Caribbean to enhance their lives with the Business Health Relationship Blue Prints he has designed. He uses his brands MeetMe360 - Super Man Alpha - A1 Lock & Key to provide Education, Workshops Courses & Books to get inspired people like you to Gain and Maintain a Wholistic Balance in Life. Catch him at one of his Workshops or Cultural Building Events in The Beautiful Islands Of The Bahamas.


The Healthy Bahamian Way Business Health Relationship Blue Print

The New Blue Print for the progressive bahamian

This Book Will Be in The Hands of The Future Generations Thanking You for transforming your selves by  following the protocols here within this book.

This is the first of its kind produced to bring solutions to Transforming the Mental, Physical & Spiritual State of Bahamian to Truly Live the Utopia on Earth That The Bahamas is.

Join Our Revolution in Moving towards the New, Next & Better Bahamas. Get Yours Now!


Masculine Health Development

Get Fit! - Make Money! - Find Love!

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