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This Book is the New Blue Print for the Progressive Bahamian.It is designed to take away the plantation mindset and reprogram the Bahamian Mind for life success.We cover an array of topics that stem from raising the health standard. How Bahamians can create generational wealth. Starting and running home based business, Buying property and much more.This guide is an essential blue print for those Bahamians who want to transition into a Health , Wealthy and Prosperous Destiny giving them all they need to succeed along the journey. To create stronger families, happier , healthier bodies and ultimately transform the Bahamas into the Utopia it should be.We encourage you to take a dive into this 81 page manual which will open your mind to the possibilities and bring solutions to the common Bahamian dilemma.The Time is now and your Time is here.Step into your Greatest life!Where the Wealth is common and Health and family is the star principle.As the Radiant Sun Shines on the Bahamas let it invigorate the people to the life they were meant to live.God Bless the Common Wealth of the Bahamas.

The Healthy Bahamian Way Business Health Relationship Blue Print

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Masculine Health Development

Get Fit! - Make Money! - Find Love!

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