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What youll Get

You'll get  access to 13 of the most powerful affirmations a man can have, designed to eliminate fear and doubt while building  deep rooted confidence

Who is this book for

This Manual is for any man who wants to gain the confidence to achieve his goals. Maximize his 

potential and to transform his mind to have more positive thoughs of his self image.

If you are hungry for the best there is in Affirmations, this book is for you.


How to Use this Book

We recommend reading this manual from front to back first to grasp the content.

Then heading directly to the Programming Prerequisites and practicing the step by step

process. Practice repeating the affirmations until its engrained into your mind and you can say them by heart.



What people are saying :

"As a Black  man who had conquered a dark point of his life that gave me a feeling of no purpose

the information that is readily available in this book would have assisted me greatly with centering my life with the universe. There aren't any  books on the market that go in depth on the content this here is the "Holy Grail" of personal Development" - Emilio Smith - Fitness Instructor


      13 affirmations to add to your morning & Night rituals

  • The Universal Pledge
  • All is Already Yours!
  • Become the Power!
  • Most Powerful
  • Millions
  • Money Works For Me!
  • Innite Supply!
  • Money Vacuum
  • Women Adore Us ,
  •  Denite Purpose"
  •  Desire" '
  • Complete 
  •  Elavate our Mind.. Perfect.


Learn the Special Programing Technique :

The pre requisites

Heavens Embrace Programming pose

Bonus Material on The Three Archetype

Become the man you have always wanted to be by Uprgading your Mental Software


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$9.60Sale Price
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Masculine Health Development

Get Fit! - Make Money! - Find Love!

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