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Are You Looking At Women the Wrong Way?

First of Brother, I would like to thank you for being a regular visitor to my Transformation Articles.


I do indeed hope that you are inspired to implement a lot of the content we have discussed, into your daily life. This is where transformation starts, ...a time.


Now with that being said, There is something you should know :

Women can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.

Do you know that women were meant to improve your life..........

Help you build your Empire and Create offspring to carry on your legacy ?


Bet you didn't.


We as young Black Brothers have been made to believe that women ruin your life, Make it a living hell and destroy everything you have built.

When we look at statistics , when it comes to Marriage, it all seems to be true. But there is a collective group of men who live on a different side of that reality.

They are called Alpha men.

You see women treat you based upon the value you project. Men of Value and Social dominance are highly respected by women in general.


Most Women who are employed , work for men. Many of them due to rules , regulations and rewards spend an upward of 40 years with a company.

They go along with the program , follow task and complete them. They show up on time , skip lunch to work extra hours and even helps the Boss with other Personal affairs - If you know what i mean....


Such Loyalty ..... Wouldn't it be great to have that level of contribution , respect and duty from a woman in your relationship?

Hell yea it would!

But here's the Problem .....


Yea Brother - Its you!

Not to point fingers, or make you feel some type of way. But there must be real tough love here!

If not , you fall into traps that could easily be avoided.

Here's the break down :

Most black men are too weak, lacking Principles and self values until women don't respect them. Most women respect their Boss and look up to him. They even answer "Yes Sir."

Here's why :

Bosses offer Incentive aka a salary

Bosses Create a structure of Value That is respected by society in general(outward validation)

Bosses have rules and regulations that has consequences

Bosses are not afraid to fire an employee if rules are broken

Bosses operate from a Stance of Power and Authority.

What i'm I getting at ?

You need to become a man of power who Operates From the Center of Authority rather than weakness.


Lets compare this to the average Black Man and why women treat them poorly.

Here's why :

Most Black Men do Not Offer incentives that encourage women to stay in his life.

Most Black Men do not Create Structures that is Valued by society ( Aka Start A business aligned with his passion and his Strength) for women in his life to be apart of .

Most Black Men Are afraid to set rules and Regulations in their relationship - because they never knew they needed it or failed to identify with that level of Authority.

Most Black Men are afraid to loose women in their lives and women know this , so they have power over that man's fears.

Most Black Men Operate from a state of Weakness so women treat them like wussy's.


Dry your tears man....

Its time to man up.

When you become the High Valued Power Brother You were mean't to be...... You will begin seeing women as as Assets.

....Assets to tap into (Not just that ass)

Assets of information

Assets to Your Empire.

But the Key is to Build an Empire for her to reside in!

She will respect you!

She will love you!

She will Put her life on the line for you!

But You MUST!......... Become... The Man That Deserves that type of Good Treatment!

How does a man like this ...




and Be

We are here to Help you brother to become Power Brother

"A Black Man That Recognizes His Divine Nature and Acts to Make His Existence a World Success to Him Self and His Race

Book A Life Coaching Session Now! Get Started in Building an Empire

Master KiNitro

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