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Alpha - Beta - Failure....Which One Are you?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

How are you Brother?I would Just like to share a Quick Story with you...You know i have grown to realize that there are three types of us Black Guys , and all depending on which one we are, we either get access to the best of what life has to offer, or the worse of it.

The fool speaks, the wise man listens. ~ Ethiopian proverb


On A Morning drive to get 1 bag of Flax Seeds (Good Source of Omega 3 and Fiber by the way) i found myself observing the pedestrians. Upon that observation I noticed that majority of people walking were men. What i found funny was that Whizzing by in the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle were mainly women, i couldn't help but look at their faces. They all seemed determined to get to a destination. However the men in question, seemed ........ a bit lost.

📷​​ I Finally arrived to the Health Store with excitement, knowing that the final piece to an amazing, energizing Smoothie was underway. There i saw a well dressed guy getting breakfast. He was the typical working class who seemed to be dependable in his line of work and one who would follow instructions. I admired the contrast between the men who i saw walking aimlessly, compared to this guy getting a morning meal to get to work. But just like all human beings, we live by comparison of our selves to others. I just couldn't help ,but consider my self in a to be in a whole different class to the other two.📷 Now i am not one to call names, but classifications are important. How else would you know the difference between dairy milk and almond milk if not for their labels.( I would go with almond - ps : I am not a Baby Cow!)📷 A wise person will always find a way. ~ Tanzanian proverb The Failure aka Directionless :We all have that friend from high school who is hell bent to the dedication of non productive activity. We see them all the time and they seem to get no where, and when asked " Whats New?" They Reply : " ya Bro right here in the struggle trying to survive ya see." Follow by the reply of " Hey bro Une gat Dollar aye?" Like you are some type of PATM (Personal atm machine).smh 📷 The Characteristic attached to this type of black guy are : Weak will power ( can't accomplish a goal to save his life).Poor decision making skills.Lack of The big Picture ( How things affect him in the long run).No principles to Guide his life ( Lack of structure)Survival Mode Activated ( Will do anything For a quick buck or win)📷​​ Beta aka The Societies Donkey(Outwardly Guided)Trevor my boy, Is the Beta. He is respected by society as being a Good man. One who is responsible and Goes to work. He finds him self often living pay check to pay check.When asked : "whats new?" He usually Replies : " Can't complain man, Tryna be a millionaire like You"Unlike the failure his next reply is : " Man We gata link sometime to do something big." Which never happens. Due to Trying to fit in society. Characteristics of the Beta Includes : Materialistic ( Often Found always trying to upgrade his Car)Sport Fanatic : Talking about what other men did in a game ( he don't even play it tho)Hard time getting personal Projects started Caught up in Social trends The Party animal Focused on getting a woman's Approval Low risk taking (Like the Security of Government Job)

The Alpha aka Inward Guided


Yes ..... Quite an Entry , isn't it. But this states what a true Alpha is about. Bold, Unapologetic, Focused, all with a problem solving nature.
This Man is all about Self empowerment and seeks all manner of it . Driven by his passions and desires, he is not easily shaken by anything outside of that.
He Keeps a small circle of friends due to his selective mentality and lack of patience for mediocrity (weakness)
When asked , "whats new?" He usually replies : " Well I'm working on this new project"( which inspires the interest of less interesting people and ignites a desire to achieve in them)
What usually follows is : " Here's my card in case you ever need this problem solved. "
Then he elaborates : " I really see you accomplishing that goal you are after " While suggesting quick strategies to get started.
Characteristic of the Alpha Includes :
Superior Strategist skills : He plans daily.
High level of Responsibility
A logical Nature ( how one thing affects another)
Coming across as brash or harsh (Reality oriented. No lack of remorse
Problem solver
A mutual respect for Fellow Achievers
Natural leader( From consistently leading himself)
Strong Willed
Good senses of Style
Quick Adaptation to Environment changes
So there we have it Brothers.
It is time that you expressed the higher levels that exist within you!
That is the only way to become :
If You are Interested in Unlocking the Alpha in you, Subscribe to "The Moral Bad boy - The Ladder to Alpha status" News Letter.
It has been your Brother Master KiNitro
Until Next Time....... Hotep Family



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