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Wait....wait.....Don't put that in your mouth!

Whats happening brother? You know...... i'm an uncle with a soon to be one year old nephew named Adonis. Whats so funny is that as a young black baby exploring the world, he some how has to taste everything. From the television remote to that new pen i'm writing with, it never seems to end. But statistics have proven that 5 out of five babies go through this process.๐Ÿ“ทโ€‹โ€‹ But now as a Young man we still carry this baby like behavior, putting things in our mouths that don't belong. What am i talking about?

You see as Black men growing up mostly in the ghetto, we have been subjected to the habitual consumption of low quality food.
You know your old time favorite :
Crunchy cheetoes
A nice cold Sprite
Your not you when your Hungry Snicker bar
Kentucky fried chicken
Can a beans ---- You Nammee it!
last but not least at the bottom - Your Msg friend : Weighing less than a pound wayyyyy lesssss -- Topppppppp Ramennnnnnnnnnnnn ( lol)


I Have nothing against these companies that sell these low quality products.
Butt................. Brother i care for your well being, So i'm a tell you the truth.
My goal is to make sure you can always be at your best and being at your best depends on your diet ( what you eat on a daily basis).
Biologically your body requires living food. Living food contains enzymes which are responsible for every function in your body.
When there is an under consumption of nutrients, minerals and sufficient living enzymes, deficiencies will occur. This means your bodies system will be in a chaotic state and you will wonder why you are :


Angry all the time

Tired all the time
Sick all the time
Depressed all the time
The List i have just stated above is no way for a POWER BROTHER to be. As a Black Man who Recognizes his Divine Nature, He deserves the best that the earth has to offer. With the best, comes Foods that truly Power Your body.
Lets put this into Perspective


When a Mechanic is fixing a 2017 Lamborghini.
Every part is important. No matter how well the car looks on the outside , and no matter how well he fixes the car. The car will only run as well as the type of fuel placed in the car.
Another example If you place gas in a diesel engine the car will run like its on crack or having the fits. We all had that one friend who bought that new car , but placed the wrong type of transmission fluid in it and messed up the whole transmission.
Your Food is your fuel!! To be a Power Brother Means you ought to Perform well at all of life's task. Be strong and efficient. A Nutrient rich diet will give you the foundation to achieve all that you must.


You see your body depends on you for resources to help rebuild, restore and maintain vital function in life.

So...... Next time your putting something in your mouth just for taste...
Remember.......... Your entire body will either benefit or suffer.
Make Better choices!
Download my Ebook on " Power Nutrition - Keys to Black Elite Performance"
Get the advantage --- Use the advantage and have an amazing experience.
Until next time brother , Do well...
Take Care ! The world is yours!!!
Master KiNitro
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