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A man who is of a Warrior type is more inclined to dominating in sports. He is bold, aggressive and rises to any challenge. Because of his daring character, he is the archetype that women are most attracted to. He acts more than thinks and follows his instincts. He possess a great Aesthetic body, honing it to be a fine sculpted weapon. His testosterone is through the roof forged by intense workouts. His mindset is not caring at all of what others think. If your not on his side you are simply an obstacle that will be crushed if it gets in the way. He challenges Authority and is ready for a good fight. Unyielding at heart he applies pressure to others despite their feelings. He will motivate you to become stronger and laugh at your weakness.


       Women Love the warrior because he is not afraid to take control. He is unapologetic about his actions and expects others to adapt to him instead of the other way around. The Warrior is about meeting his next goal and smashing through it to reach greater heights. He is not afraid to loose friends because he understands the dark nature of the world. Self expression is his motto, he calls out your bullshit immediately, no matter who it is even is own mother. He sees your weak points and exploits it.

      Combat ready, he trains daily in many arts , both armed and unarmed. The warriors is at one with his aggression and loves to use it. If you feel Offended - Then it's your fault your weak~ Warrior


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