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The Affairs


Teasa Petty

A Romantic adventure from sex to behind bars.

Will Megan escape? Find out in the pages ahead

What's the worst that can happen in your love affair? Imagine being so in love and so intimate with your significant other thinking they are completely yours and your happy. Then all of a sudden while making love in a car you're being shot at from a car behind while being chased as you begin to pull up your panties in fear of your life... Welcome to The Affairs... A story that follows Megan Miller and her love story of how she finds her self from passionately making love to ending up behind bars for attempted murder. How will she escape this ordeal? Will her lover ever recover? Find out now by diving head first into the pages of this thriller series. Book 1 is waiting for you to unravel it and Book 2 is in hindsight.


Unravel a Love story that takes you down the rabbit whole of thrilling adventure

The Pages Ahead in


"The Affairs"

The Affiars - Teasa Petty-Book1a.jpg

About The Author


Teasa Petty

Katecha Gilcud Petty is a 29 year old serial Entrepreneur and an aspiring Author. She is a Wife, Daughter, Sister and Niece.
She was born to the proud parents of Karen Gilcud and Walden Mitchell(Deceased). She began writing short stories at the age of 17 and also writes poetry and inspirational quotes. Katecha commonly known as Teasa is very ambitious and goal oriented. She enjoys helping people in need as well as learning new things each day. Her hope is that your eyes be opened by this book to the things that are happening on a daily basis.

Bro this is truly a service to the Bahamians of the Bahamas I Hope you know the Impact you are making. Excellent subject matter.

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The Affairs by Teasa Petty

A Romantic Thriller Adventure

Have you ever been apart of a love affair?
How did it make you feel?

You met a guy or a girl and they become your world. You share intimacy , and good times together then all of a sudden your world or what you thought to be sacred comes crashing down.
Now all of a sudden you’re running for your life and trashed into a cycle destruction on after another.
Now you’re being charged for attempted murder , something  you did not do.

How can you escape?

Find out now in this series of ; “The Affairs”


Masculine Health Development

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