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Super Man Alpha Teaches.....

How You Can Build Muscle Using Your Body Weight

Without the gym

Warrior Training Program
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"I Followed your Brand for some time and you have  always given amazing Value but the Depth and simplicity of this program is mind blowing. You make it so simple to get great results, it feels like you are my personal coach."

- Lex Joseph

I Take The Guess Work Out of The Equation And Make Building a Healthy and Muscular Physique Easy For You!

Easy To Follow Routines and Schedules

with simple exercises that Get you Results.

Learn How to prep Easy to Make Healthy Meals that Give You Energy and Help you Build Quality Muscle.

9 Quality Exercise Instructions

Designed to Help you Build A Well Balanced Physique without


So Why Are You Even Here?

Let Me Take A Guess....

You Want to Build a Muscular, Healthy and Agile Body

You Want to Begin Working out So you Can Look better and Be more Confident about your body.


If that's not you. Please Look elsewhere.

But If that's you. I'm here to help.

Continue reading...

Greetings Gents!

I'm Alexander Kemp and 

 To be honest with you  I didn't always have an impressive strong physique.

I would watch some of my peers at physical ed with bulging muscles while I was skinny and suffering from asthma.

During that time I was angry at how I was weak and looked frail. I would envy this guy by the name of Charles in School who had muscles and got all the girls.

It was at that point I knew I had to do something about my situation and wanted to take action.

 I spoke to my Father a muscular man and got some advice. He told me about old school Body Building and how many of them grew muscle with out weights.

He would reference a guy by the name of "Charles Atlas a 90 pound weakling turned to Super Man Physique who through consistent body weight exercise built an impressive and powerful body.

He began to show me basic exercise 

Can you Guess what Happened next?


I Began To Build Muscle without Touching Weights

Can you imagine how great it feels to have a body that Looks Good and fully Functional?

Yes I started seeing results within 3 weeks. I went from barely being able to do ten push ups, to doing  25 with ease.  My chest went from bird to absurd. 

I followed exactly what my father recommended and it worked.

He also mentioned the benefits of Calisthenics aka Body Weight exercise  compared to training with weights.


They were as follows:

* Less Injuries ( Which Mostly come from showing off and using too heavy of a weight)

* Convenient Any where ( Not having to travel to a gym just to work out  which is time consuming and can be stressful because of traffic and just a busy life.

* Greater Body Control & Flexibility (Weights usually target large muscle fibers leaving small ones weak. This is why many weight lifters find it hard to do pull ups and other calisthenics exercises.)

* Improves Muscle definition and Mind Body Connection. ( Smaller muscle fibers are recruited and make the muscle bigger and more three dimensional and teaches the body to work as one unit.)

* Maintains Muscle tone longer  and creates a foundation to build greater muscles eventually with weights. ( Many people Acknowledge how quickly muscle development diminishes if lifting weights is stopped for 2 months. However with Calisthenics Muscles tone stays longer even when exercise have been stopped. Body Weight exercises builds better muscle memory.

It was Clear!
Body Weight Exercises was Meant for Me, my Time and Busy Schedule!

I couldn't deny it , It just made sense!

No longer I had to put off building my body to some far off time where I could make it to the Gym.

I didn't have to worry about Injuries any more because my Body would shut it down for me before I went to far.

Getting the body of your dreams is no longer Confusing

If I could simplify the process for you, would that help you?

Just imagine yourself hitting a new fitness level in a short time.

That's what I have successfully accomplished and Now I want to Help You Do the Same.

Lifting Barbells
Physical Therapist
Workout on Beach
Outdoor Workout
Man Doing Pushup

Warrior Style Training is The Key!

Fit , Muscular, Agile Body Was the Result.


I didn't just build muscle

I became a more confident , determined and assertive man.

Women began to ask me if I were a Model for a company.

Men would walk up to me and ask me how they can obtain the physique that I have.

People would ask me all the time: " Which Gym do you attend"

In which I would Exclaim : " I don't Use a Gym".

The work I put in paid off and now want to pass the Benefits on to you.

The way I feel , is greater than everything else and I want you to feel it too.

It's Time to Make Exercise simple again. Like the Ancients did.

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One Time Charge of $99 or $27.99 per month

30- Day Money Back Guarantee!

Cancel Anytime!

If You Haven't Hit Your Fitness Goals It's Not Your Fault


The Fitness Industry is complicated for a reason . Think about it...

If you knew that you didn't have to go to the gym in order to get into shape, would that be bad or good for them?

They would crumble!

Also the information is so complicated and spread across thousands of  google searches , it would be near to impossible to figure out all of this on your own.

So Keep a positive mind , it's not your fault.

The more complicate it is, the more you need to keep on trying new diets, workouts and supplements.


There were small truths out there and I took them all and placed them into an easy to follow program to simplify your muscle building process.

Your Going To Be Excited about what I Found
  • Building muscle is really easy

  • You don't need a gym membership if you don't want one still become ripped and Muscular.

  • You don't need to waste endless hours at the gym to get in shape

  • Working out using your body is more natural and less stress on the body and internal organs.

  • The globe is your gym

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"I Started  Your Program 7 months ago and I can truly say I am happy with the results I have been getting. You are very inspirational and make maintaining a Fit Healthy Muscular body easy."

R. Joseph

I was able to Make this Reality. It's Your Turn!

Warrior cover_00000 (1).jpg

This is the Entire system I used to build muscle and strength using my body weight

Why did I make the Super Man Alpha Warrior Training Program?

For Starters I got tired of walking around seeing out of shape people who would approach me about which gym I went too. I would tell them I don't use a gym and they would be astounded. Next they would ask me what type of exercises I did and I would tell them. When I would have conversation with many , they would always say they never have the time to hit the gym in which I would say all you need is 45 minutes or less 3 - 4 days a week, to stay in shape, build muscles and be healthy.

I would ask them:

What if you could build muscle without the gym

What if you could work out any where and any time

What if you only needed to work out 3 to four times per 7 day week to see results

What if you were struggling to stay motivated to keep working out

I had to deal with the same thing and this is why I created this program.

It is easy to follow and simply until a teenager can understand and follow it.

 Click Below to get Started


One Time Charge of $99 or $27.99 per month

30- Day Money Back Guarantee!

Cancel Anytime!

Inside this Program you will learn....

The Top 9 Exercises to Build Muscle , Strength and  Maintain a Healthy Aesthetic Warrior Body- Simple Exercises is to build

and maintain your Body.