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Slow Down Brother........ Don't Blow It All At once!

Hotep Power Brother

If you have been on our transformation article journey for some time,you would have learned a lot. Our goal is to make you a more powerful you!

๐Ÿ“ทโ€‹โ€‹ When we talk about power , we ought to talk about control. After all, whats power with out proper control?


Picture this :

๐Ÿ“ทโ€‹โ€‹ A brother by the name of Pablo just bought a new Nissan z300. In his urban neighborhood he could be seen prancing up and down, showing off the speed of his vehicle, every one was impressed. Pablo felt invincible with his new super power and chick magnet.

One evening after having the Nissan z300 for four months. Pablo took off on the main high way to meet his girlfriend Stacy at a local eatery.


40 Mph............60 Mph...............80 Mph then finally 120 mph. Pablo could feel adrenaline creeping up his spine , leaving him with a slight grin.


"Damn, This Feels Super."

As he entered to an intersection switching lanes, he saw his turn which demanded that he slow down quickly. Pablo's feet mashed the brakes.................................Going straight to the ground with no pressure.


" Oh no mannnn."

He began to panic after seeing that he was aligned with an on coming wall.


"Schreeeeeeedddddddddxckcmd" He turned sharply.

The Nissan z300 Clipped a the near by side walk and spun into the air. Rotating a forth time , crashing down hitting a stop sign and dented the school fence.


Smoke filled the air.... Disoriented from the centrifugal force, Pablo found himself conscious but wounded. " Dammn..... Shit... Im still alive," panting

A quick flash back came to just moments before Pablo entered the pristine Vehicle.He remembered seeing some clear fluid under the car . but ignored it.


"Shit ...shit...Shit , I've had this car for four months but never checked the brake fluid, Stupid stupid ohh "Grasping his Left side.

Pablo escaped with four broke ribs and most importantly......His Life.

Moral of the Story?

Check your Brake Fluid


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Now to the main lesson...

As a black man you must practice control in all areas of life especially finance. Many brothers work a nine to five busting their asses to make a salary.


Then persuaded by friends and social programming, enjoy them selves only to blow it all on the weekend.

They wake up broke, drained and depressed all because the lack control.


Here are three tips to Govern your money so you dont blow it all at once:


Rule 1 : Use the 10% Rule; Ten percent of all your earning is yours To keep.Follow this rule with all money you get. If you get tipped $10 dollars, put up $1. When you implement this rule every day you will begin to see how powerful it really is. We as black men take for granted how much small things really Matter.Make it all count.

Rule 2: Treat every buying decision as an Investment;

Begin choosing to spend your money on things that bring you the most value. These things should bring you more money or benefit you positively in some way. I would choose going to a business seminar over going clubbing. Why? Its luckier, I can be inspired to take action to owning a business, meet like minded individuals and gain connections.Furthermore i can learn skills to make me successful.


Rule 3 : Say No! Yea i know, saying no can be the hardest thing to do , especially of past tendencies of the fear to disappoint. But this is one of the best things you can do. When that friend of yours that you can never depend on asks to borrow $30 bucks. Say No!.....Now you dont have to say as harsh , here's a better way :

" hey bro mannn, i run into a little tight jam , I cant borrow $30 dollars aye"

You: " Sorry can't help you, i have something important to do"

There ya go (Y)


When that beggar wants you to feel pity for them to give away your precious funds to their drinking cause. Say No! You will never know how important it is top say no until you really need the funds you gave away.

Now brother i know it hard to say no especially to women but check this :

When you are tempted to buy your girlfriend that huge Valentines Gift for $200 dollars. Say No!

Ask your self? "what has she done to deserve this?

Then go to the store buy some dark chocolate, teddy bear and a rose along With a card and Wala you just saved your self $190 dollars.

Power Brother, I trust in you to make good decisions to impact your Life for the Better!

Want to learn the skills to Master Women?

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Youll get more pussy than you can handle......See you there

Master KiNitro.

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