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Have Patience... Are Counting Yourself Out Too Early?

Hotep Brother...

Hotep Means Peace.

Do you know that everything you want to achieve requires some form of patience?


You know, just the other day i was closing up shop. It was 4:30 pm and I was ready to go.

While closing up shop, this white van with a Coca Cola logo pulled up and just hovered on spot.


I could see the Black brother in the van desperately needing service. As i payed closer attention he seemed to be very determined to get this task done.

I said to my self, "if this guy waits ten seconds more, after i'm done closing up,i will help him.


All of a sudden the van begins reversing out." Oops you missed your chance buddy"I exclaimed to my self.......Then it pulled back in again.


" Is this guy psychic or something?I can see him but he can't see me inside, through the tinted shop glass with an already closed sign."

Clicking the pad lock - The last task of locking up inside,i quickly bolted to assist the brother.

" Yo" i exclaimed from a far. The brother looked at me from the comfort of his vehicle.

"The shop is closed ....But how can i assist you?

With a ten feet gap and passing traffic , he must of heard wrong.

He replied shaking his head in a no manner.

"That's a bad attitude bro, all i wanted was this key cut."


Mean while another brother pulled up the same time and caught the dialogue between us.The brother in the Coca Cola van pulled off.... never to get his keys cut.


I looked over to the guy in the Land Rover and repeated the exact same thing i said to him :

"The Shop is closed... But how can i assist you?

The brother hopped out of the vehicle excited and said ;

"I would like to know if you can cut this type of key?"


He pulled out two new chipped keys in packages.

"Off course we can ' I replied.

I told him the price and proceeded to cut the keys.After the process was done , he paid me and thanked me.


"You know whats so funny? The guy who was just there counted him self out too early. I came to help him but he took it the wrong way. What if he had just went along with the process and actually listened, instead of assuming the worst.He would have gotten what he wanted."

"Yeah that's true, I'm cutting all my keys with you guys from now on. Thanks a mill." He replied and left.

So there we have it Brother.


The Moral of the story is ......... In every situation count your self in and not out.

Look at it with an open mind. You will get what you want , if you go with the flow.


Until Next Time..........


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