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How to be More Spiritual - 3 Keys To A More Spiritual Experience.

Welcome back Power Brother...📷​​ Do you remember the definition of a "Power Brother"? ........... Take a minute to reflect📷 Take a Deep Breath..........Inhale........................... Exhale................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,Now Relax.📷​​ You are now in a more Spiritual State. A Power Brother is a Black Man that Recognizes his Divine Nature, and acts to make his existence a worldly Success unto him self and his race. I want you to pay attention to that definition......... What are the key words there? To understand the key words in there you must think of the way cavemen would have spoke.Take a look at the key words highlighted with an underline ^. 📷 You see, to be more Spiritual, you must simply Recognize your Divine Nature Question: Where were you before you came here? No No.... Not before you came to Super Man Alpha, but before you existed? A Quick Guess?📷 You were apart of everything The Trees The Sun The Moon The Sky The Earth You were just Spirit , Energy, Frequency. And then your vibration manifested into one center, being condensed into a physical vehicle, and now you have this experience called life. So my brother,this means that you were always Spiritual and continue to be. But due to all the distractions in the world : Ie 📷​​The thought patterns The psychological programs The poor quality food The media the Television Its hard to recognize this. Now to help you gain a more Spiritually aware experience i Present to you :

3 Keys to A more Spiritual experience

Eliminate The Clutter :You are A Divine Being With unbelievable Power. Due to all the outward distractions this power is reduced, especially when you take on things that don't resonate with your energy. You should only partake in things that boost your power : Empowering friendships, empowering music, empowering Movies,etc. Furthermore limit the watching of television or eliminate it all together. Besides ....all that useless information is only going to crowd your mind. This brings us to key Number 2📷​​ 2.Eat More Energy Giving Foods:Your Body is a direct conduit of your Spirit. The more you eat from the Pure source , the more you enhance the function of your body to express this flow of energy. Junk foods will ruin how the body conducts your spirits energy making it weak. 3. Have a Self Practice. A self practice are moments set aside throughout the day in which you actively gather energy and center your self. This may be done through ; Meditation, Breathing exercises and simply sinking into your center.📷 So Brother... There you have it 3 Keys To Being More Spiritual Remember you are now a Power Brother.... Want to learn more on Spirit Exercises? Check out my Hero Spirit Power Program. Get your Life Force to the next Level! Until Next Time...... Master KiNitro

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