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Welcome to the Super Man Alpha Masculine Health Development Time line

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This period starts from the moment you are born and ends at 25 this is the most crucial period of a Man's life that determines how quickly he will have personal and worldly success.

Many men are placed at a disadvantage during this time due to lack of masculine role models who can teach them the way. Pretty much you are programmed in what ever your environment dictates. Most black men grow up in unstable environments like the ghetto influenced by low vibrations like drugs, violence and scantily clad women. This puts them in a survival state in which they cannot build a steady empire built on righteous principles and transparency. Most men influenced by this low vibration culture either end up dead or in jail or just a societal slave. Some may even loose their minds and become jonsers wandering the street strung out on drugs.

    How ever there are some men who grew up in those conditions but were able to rise above the environment. Most of these men were pulled to the side by and older man and given a stern lesson on life usually in this manner :

                  " You see your friend jimmy, see how he ended up dead? you have to want more for your life than your environment. Don't mind your friend, most of them will end up in jail or on drugs. Get your self a job, learn a skill and start a family."

 A simple talk of such usually is enough to set a young mans mind in motion to think from his higher self. These are usually the young men who end up running businesses and create a way for his children to have more and become more.

     Now no matter your previous dilemma  you have no excuse after you reach 16 years of age. During the ages of 1-15 you have little control as to what influences your mind. That is determined by your parents or guardians beliefs and environmental culture. You consumed what they had to offer.

 But when you become 16 the drivers wheel is now in your hands. You get to watch what you want and do more of what you desire.

This is why at Super Man Alpha we regard the age of 16 - 25 as the most  important period in a Man's life. It is a 9 year period in which he can maximize his life's potential and grow the most. After he misses this period of time, he gets set in his ways. This is why we teach to guard this time wisely so that you grow exponentially. Here are the Syllabus we recommend.



Masculine Health Development

Get Fit! - Make Money! - Find Love!

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