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Idea + System = Win!

The Quickest Way to Turn an Idea to Profit

by Master KiNitro

There are so many people just like you who have amazing Ideas but are too afraid to bring them to action. You have heard somewhere the biblical mantra :” Faith with out works is dead.” This simply means that an Idea without a system is worthless. Welcome to the wonder land where your ideas come to life. We share with you how to create a system to turn your dreams into reality. We introduce you to the strategy manual : “ Idea + System = Win!
Lets Get Started!
Master Alexander B Kemp

We help Men Improve their lives with  simple and Powerful Techniques


What you'll get

Powerful Techniques

You'll get  access to 13 of the most powerful affirmations a man can have, designed to eliminate fear and doubt while building  deep rooted confidence

using :

Heavens Embrace Programming Pose

The Focus Technique

The 9 Deep Breath Sequence

 "We Pledge Our Allegiance to The Universe & To Our Purpose for which We Stand , Achieving It Daily Through Love & Service Because We Are Strong, Wealthy, Healthy , Intelligent, We Choose the Right Decisions So Let It Be!" 

Example: Power verse 1

Additional Resources & Tips

You'll get helpful advice on  Improving your daily habits to maximize your potential as well  as Knowledge of the Warrior - Sage & Alchemist.

What Readers Are Saying


Emilio Smith - Fitness Instructor

Barry G.jpg

Barry G - Entrepreneur


Bro this is truly a service to men, I Hope you know the Impact you are making. Excellent subject matter.

Gd Trumphet - Freight Coordinator

There aren't  any books on the market that go in depth on the content. This here is the "Holy Grail" of personal Development

If only I had this Material in my early Twenties, boy, Things would have been different. A must have for all men. You wont find anything like this out there.

What Women Are Saying About the New Book

About The Author


Master KiNitro

Master KiNitro is a Men's Development Coach,with the focus of Empowering Men to Become Power Brothers. He has helped men find their purpose in their darkest times giving them the tips, techniques and skill sets to achieve Power - Money- Intimacy.


Black Super Man

13 Affirmations of Power

Proven Method to transform your mind fast

Now is the time to stop wasting time and start acting. It's time to cut through your past limitation through the techniques within this manual. Many men are transforming their lives as we speak with these powerful Programming techniques.

With Black Super Man 13 Affirmations Of Power you'll get proven techniques to start building the confidence and ability to achieve your next level.


Masculine Health Development

Get Fit! - Make Money! - Find Love!

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