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7 Day Affirmation Mind Transformation Program

  • 7Days
  • 14Steps
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Affirmations Help you Unlock your Inner Power and push away limiting beliefs. Increases Self Belief and Strengthen your Mind. This 14 Day Program will Teach you the Basics of Mind Transformation, A Series of 13 Affirmations and Poses to Align your Mind Body and Energy to accomplish more of your Potential. This Program is Designed to be Taken over 14 Days for All Levels of Mental Fortitude. Participants may take up to 30 days to complete it. Listen to the Instructions and Move through Each Affirmation at your Own pace. d The Goal is to ingrain the principles of higher level mental development into your mind while gaining 13 new affirmations to use at anytime in your life, whether it be times of stress, difficulty, challenge or even reassurance. Start Today and Gain a Mental Edge with a Superior Mindset

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7 Day Mind Transformation Program., $35.99


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